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Minister confirms support of Prompt Payment Code and success in changing payment culture

The Government are gradually changing the curse of late payments in the UK. Are they on track?

Understanding the role of a family office

Family offices are a big business and are a type of financial services that is rarely mentioned in the media.

R&D funding: emphasising the benefits

By Dr Huw Edwards, R&D grant specialist, expert consultant with the European Commission and consultant to Sheffield based MSC R&D

Businesses at risk of missing salary payments given final chance to meet new security requirements

BACS have extended their deadline for amending payment software to September 19th - final warning

6 financial steps every start-up must take on the path to success

Nick Longden, Vice President – Accountants’ Division, Sage UKI

Small Business Commissioner to improve UK payment culture, says IPSE

Late Payment Culture in UK under fire. IPSE hosts round table and discusses the success of the Australian project to reduce the huge outstanding debt to small businesses

Fighting back against late payment by Mark James

At any moment in time, it’s estimated that small firms in the UK are owed £30-40 billion

Common mistakes made by new companies

New Business talks with specialist contractor accountancy firm Nixon Williams on the most common blunders new business owners make - and how to avoid them.

When it comes to the crunch

New Business talks with co-founders of innovative accountancy firm Crunchers, Bob Harper and Tim Pointon, who have brought modern technology to an age-old industry

5 Tips for Dealing with the New VAT

Dramatic changes in the way the European Union calculates VAT took effect on 1st January 2015. James Fredlund, VP of Digital River, has five tips for adapting successfully.

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